Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17: Sheila Hutchinson of The Emotions - "Best of My Love" - is 61-years-old today.


The Emotions are an American all female soul and R&B singing group. The group was formed in its current hometown of Chicago, Illinois in 1968, and originally consisted of the three Hutchinson sisters, Sheila, Jeanette and Wanda.

Their father Joseph began developing their musical skills as soon as the girls could talk. When Sheila, the youngest, was five years old, they began singing in church choirs and were known as the Hutchinson Sunbeams. Their younger brother Joseph, Jr. eventually became the Sunbeams' guitarist.

In 1968, the girls changed their name to The Emotions, and released their first album, So I Can Love You, the following year. The album's title track, written by Sheila, was a minor hit single, as was "The Best Part Of A Love Affair."

In 1969 the girls were asked to be part of a summer outdoor concert in Rochester NY. The group caught the eye of The host of the concerts, Herb Hamlett the powerful soul DJ of WCMF FM. Father Joe was the groups guitarist and formed a friendship with Hamlett, that brought the group bookings and headliners in NewYork State.

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Super Hits

Jeanette was married in 1970, and quit the act once she became pregnant with her first son, Chicha. She was replaced by a close friend, Theresa Davis.

The following year, the Emotions released Untouched, their second album, which featured hits such as "Show Me How" and "If You Think It." At the time they were recording at Stax records, and were produced by Isaac Hayes and David Porter.

By 1976 and the release of their Flowers album, they had left Stax and Jeanette had returned to the act. Flowers included the hits "Flowers" and "I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love." By the time of their next album, Jeanette was in turn replaced by another Hutchinson sister, Pamela.

Their association with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire brought them their greatest success. With White's assistance, the Emotions released the albums Rejoice and Sunbeam in 1977 and 1978. Maurice White-co-produced with Clarence McDonald the single "Best Of My Love" spent five weeks at number-one on the US pop chart in 1977.

Jeanette left the act for the second time in 1977, to give birth to her second child, Pili, whose father is Philip Bailey from Earth, Wind & Fire. She was replaced by their sister, Pamela.

In 1978, Jeanette returned to the act, and the group collaborated with Earth, Wind & Fire on another single, "Boogie Wonderland," which was a top 10 hit in 1979. The group continued to record together during the 1980s, and were signed briefly with Motown Records at one point. During this time, Adrianne Harris filled the third slot in the group. However, they were not able to repeat the success they had during the disco period.

The Emotions, which today includes Sheila, Wanda and Pamela Hutchinson, released their final album in 1996. They continue to perform and make personal appearances.

Wanda resides in Glendale, California and has three daughters, two of whom plan to enter the music industry themselves. Pamela lives in Hollywood, California with her husband and daughter.

Sheila resides in Chicago. She has one daughter who lives in Los Angeles and is also pursuing a career in the music industry.

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  1. Simply,I have much "love and respect"for the Emotions.I was first introduced to their music by my sister,who would play the song"Heart Association"over and over.Wonderful Group!

  2. They're often confused with the Pointer Sisters.
    Thanks for commenting.