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July 14: Romanian pop recording artist Mădălina Manole - AKA- Madalina Manole- was born on this date in 1967...

... she died on her 43rd birthday on July 14, 2010.


Magdalena-Anca Mircea, better known by her stage name Mădălina Manole, was born in a mountain region in the town of Vălenii de Munte in Rumania. She was inspired to be a singer by her mother, who sang folk music, and also took guitar lessons.

After graduating from the Băneasa School of Air Traffic Controllers, Mădălina Manole worked in this field for four years. In her free time, she also sang, and formed a group with Ştefania Ghiţă called Alfa şi Beta, that participated at the shows of Cenaclul Flacăra. Manole became the youngest member to participate in the circle festivities (Cenaclului Serbările Scânteii Tineretului.) During that period, she also worked with Victor Socaciu and Roșu și Negru.

Between 1982 and 1985 the folk singer attended the art school called Şcoala Populara de Arta, as part of the group that had mentored Mihaela Runceanu and Ionel Tudor. In late 1980 Dan Ştefan had her record his song, "Pentru noi nu poate fi alt cer" ("For Us There Cannot Be Another Heaven,") which was featured in the movie Nelu.

In 1988, Mădălina Manole met Şerban Georgescu and the two artists began working together. That year, she also participated in the music festival called Mamaia (Festivalul de Muzică Uşoară Mamaia) with the song "A Sentimental Man" ("Un Om Sentimental") composed by Diaconescu. The song finished fourth, and began the collaboration which had a major role in her career as a singer.

Beginning in 1990, Manole gave recitals in different regions of Romania, and a year later a Georgescu song entitled "Lovely Girl" (Fată Dragă) gained radio popularity, becoming the composition that would represent her career. She signed a management contract with Electrecord.

Her first album was released in 1991 by this company. Manole began to perform on stage, performing internationally to the Romanian diaspora located in the United States, Austria, Belgium and Germany. Manole recorded a new album in 1993 entitled So what? (Ei și ce?) It contained eight folk-rock pieces, most of which were created by Georgescu. The album was very successful in Romania, and radio station Radio Contact called Mădălina the "best pop artist.”

In 1997, she released the album Smooth, Smooth Mădălina ("Lină, lină Mădălină"), and Mădălina Manole became the first pop artist to interpret authentic Romanian folklore in an original way, with a folk orchestra led by the late Dorel Manea.

In 1997, she created the Cultural Association of Mădălina Manole (Asociaţia Culturală Mădălina Manole) to promote cultural and humanitarian pursuits. With Octavian Ursulescu in 1997, Manole presented the anniversary edition of the International Festival Golden Stag of the Braşov Theatre.

Mădălina Manole was chosen by Procter & Gamble International to use her image to launch a cosmetic product in Romania. She was nicknamed girl with hair of fire, alluding to the hair colour with which she appeared in the spotlight. In 2000, she obtained awards for best performer and best pop female voice of the year of Romania and Radio Awards and Music Industry Awards in Romania. Also in 2000, the album Sweetest of All (Dulce de Tot) was rated the best pop album by Radio România Actualităţi.

On February 19, 2010, she released her 9th album,"09 Mădălina Manole.” While working on her album, Mădălina Manole fell ill due to accumulated fatigue.

Mădălina was found dead by her husband, Petru) Mircea, at their house in the early morning of July 14, 2010, her 43rd birthday, after an apparent suicide. While still under investigation, she allegedly caused her own death by drinking nearly half a litre of Carbofuran.


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