Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18: British rapper Sarah Louise Akwisombe - AKA- Goldilocks - is 28-years-old today.


Sarah Louise Akwisombe is from Croydon, England. She an English female rapper, singer and producer, better known by her stage name of GoldieLocks. Akwisombe’s rap career began accidentally when she was assigned a music project while she was in college.

She then uploaded her recorded material onto her MySpace and was surprised when she received positive feedback from people that had listened to her music.
Akwisombe records and produces her music using Logic Studio and Microkorg, which are two kinds of music software on her Mac laptop, to make beats and sounds and a microphone to record her voice.

Since then, she has released songs on her MySpace, the most notable being "Waste Man," a song about a man who cheated on her sister. She has stated she doesn’t exactly know what style her music is, but has said her music is ''a bit of electro, a bit of grime, a bit of garage, a bit of pop and a bit of hip hop."

Although Akwisombe worked part-time at Starbucks to help support her career, she has signed with Locked On Records and is working on an album with Future Cut, who has notably contributed to Lily Allen's album, 'Alright, Still.'


She has also collaborated with Frisco, Example, Kate Nash, The Mitchell Brothers and Tinchy Stryder respectively. She did a remix for Mutya Buena's single, "Just a Little Bit."

She is a member of The Sick Kids, a grime and electro female rap group consisting of herself, JacksonKiD!, and lele.
For more about GoldieLocks, visit her Website at -

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