Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23: Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo is 39-years-old today.


Mónica Naranjo Carrasco was born in Figueres, a village in Catalonia, Spain to Andalusian parents. She started singing at a very young age. Cristobal Sansano became her first producer.

After signing with Sony Music, she recorded in 1994 her debut album, Mónica Naranj. The album contained the hit songs "Oyeme,” "Supernatural," "Fuego de pasión" and "Llorando bajo la lluvia.” She was nominated for "Eres Awards.”

In 1997 she released her second album, Palabra de Mujer. The album sold more than 2 million copies in the U.S. Latin America and Spain, due to the popularity of the songs such as “Desátame,” “Tú y Yo Volvemos al Amor,” “Pantera en Libertad,” “Entender el Amor,” and “Empiezo a Recordarte.”

In 2000, she released her third album, Minage, a tribute to the Italian singer Mina. The next year, she released Chicas Malas, an album with several collaborations, among them Diane Warren, Gregg Alexander, John Reid, Sam Watters, and many more. Having such worldwide-known influences, the album sales were disappointing, selling only 120,000 copies in its first year, it is the lowest-selling studio album in her Spanish-singing career.

In 2002, she made a big leap into the English public by recording the English version of Chicas Malas; Bad Girls in English. Unfortunately, it only sold 5,000 copies online. However, the single "I Ain't Gonna Cry" did get Mónica some recognition in continental Europe.

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In 2005, after a long rest, Mónica returned with a greatest hits album, Colección Privada, a big success that only contains one new song, "Enamorada de Ti"; closing a stage in her life and career.

In late February 2008, her new single "Europa" was officially launched on her official site. It climbed to #1 in the Spanish Single Charts.

Tarántula, her 2008 album, reached number 1 in Spain, being certified Platinum. Mónica released a limited special edition of the album, with a DVD and a book with pictures of the "Tarántula era.”

In early 2010, she released her latest album, Adagio. In English, adagio means slowly and gracefully. This album features lush orchestrations at a gentle pace.

In 2011, she sang the theme song for Mexican telenovela, "Emperatriz.”

Monica is finishing up her newest album, A Opera-Rock, which is linked to a novel. Although it was initially hoped her release would be the end of 2011, Monica said in recent interviews that will launch in 2012. Despite all the secrecy surrounding this new album, Monica launched a video on their last 3 Adagio concerts of his tour that featured a seabed, and the words "The sea hides a secret."
To date, Mónica has sold over 8 million albums worldwide.
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