Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25: Rapper and hip-hop artist Rasheeda Buckner is 31-years-old today.

Rasheeda Buckner, better known by her stage name Rasheeda, or Georgia Peach,  is a rap singer from Atlanta, Georgia. Rasheeda has been called several times as "Queen of crunk." She is best known for hit single "My gum (Got that good.)"

Rasheeda had an early start in her musical career. As an adolescent, she and two of her friends formed hip-hop girl group Da Kaperz, which was signed by D-Lo Entertainment. The group developed a strong fan base up until Rasheda’s departure to pursue a solo career in 2000.

Rasheeda began as a solo artist with her 2001 album, Dirty South, released by D-LO and Motown Records. With guest stars like Pastor Troy and Re-Re, the album quickly moved up the charts, with some of its tracks even labeled as new hip-hop anthems. Some of the other artists who also worked on Dirty South include Thugz Nation, Nelly and Jim Crow.

While Dirty South placed her firmly in the hip-hop genre, Rasheeda is more diversified. Her second album, released in 2002, Ghetto Dream  - an indie release under D-Lo - had her churning out beats with Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz. The Ghetto Dream sound featured faster rhythms and stronger beats, making it an instant hit with the club crowd. It was also with this album that Rasheeda earned her the Queen of Crunk title.

Rasheeda paid homage to her Southern roots with her third album, Georgia Peach. Working once more with D-Lo Entertainment, the more intimate lyrics in Georgia Peach were combined with a slightly slower rhythm. The sexier, dirtier lyrics made it another favorite in the club circuits.

Her next release, 2007's Dat Type of Gurl, had Rasheeda reprise some of her earlier works from Georgia Peach. Many of her old tracks were updated with remixes and samples added for good measure.

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To date Rasheeda has released 5 albums and has appeared on tracks with Petey Pablo, Nelly, Nivea, Cherish, and Ciara's "Goodies" video. Her fifth album, Certified Hot Chick was released on August 18, 2009.

Rasheeda is also a member of duo Peach Candy with R&B singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss.


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  1. I don't think the first picture is actually her. She doesn't have the same face, especialy the nose!