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January 16: R&B singer Aaliyah was born on this date in 1979...

... she died on August 25, 2001 in a plane crash when she was 22 years-old.

... she died on August 25, 2001 in a plane crash when she was 22 years-old.


Born in Brooklyn, New York Aaliyah Dana Haughton - best known by her stage name Aaliyah - was a R&B singer, dancer, fashion model and actress. She came into the public eye thanks to R&B singer R. Kelly. She became famous during the mid-1990s with several hit records from the songwriting/production team of Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Steve "Static" Garrett.

Aaliyah recorded several hit records, including five number one R&B hits, one number one pop hit, and seven top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, Aaliyah has sold over 24 million records worldwide during her career. The singer also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger and starred in two motion pictures before her death in a plane crash in 2001 at the age of 22.

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Aaliyah's name is Arabic for the high and exalted. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan where she attended various schools including the Detroit High School for Fine and Performing Arts. Aaliyah signed with her uncle Barry Hankerson's Blackground label in 1993 and released her debut album, titled Age Ain't Nothing but a Number, in 1994.

The album went platinum within months, and featured the gold-selling singles "Back and Forth" and "At Your Best (You Are Love)," a cover of the 1976 Isley Brothers single. The album went on to reach double platinum status with sales of over two million copies in the U.S. and five million worldwide.

In 1997, Aaliyah appeared on the soundtrack album for the Fox Animation Studios animated feature Anastasia, singing the pop version of "Journey to the Past." The song was nominated for an Academy Award, and Aaliyah performed the song at the 1997 Academy Awards ceremony. Aaliyah became the youngest female recording artist to perform at the ceremony.

Aaliyah had a huge hit in 1998 with "Are You that Somebody," from the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack. Its video was the third most-played on MTV that year, and the song's success helped make Aaliyah a household name. The single was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart.

In 2000, she co-starred with Jet Li in the martial-arts film Romeo Must Die, which debuted at number two at the box office. Aaliyah and Timbaland executive produced the film's soundtrack album and Aaliyah contributed four songs: "Are you Feelin' Me?," "I Don't Wanna," "Back in One Piece," a duet with DMX, and the international number one hit "Try Again."

"Try Again" became the first song in history to ever reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 based solely on the strength of its radio airplay, without any single sales factored in. After the huge success of "Try Again" at radio, a 12" maxi single was released. The radio-only single, "I Don't Wanna," peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number five on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

In 2001, Aaliyah went to Australia to co-star with Stuart Townsend in the film Queen of the Damned, an adaptation of the Anne Rice novel of the same name. While filming Queen of the Damned, Aaliyah also recorded most of her third studio album, Aaliyah.

Aaliyah and former Beatle George Harrison made UK Chart History in January 2002 when they scored the first, and to this date only, back-to-back posthumous number one hits. Aaliyah's "More than a Woman", released on January 7 and topped the chart on January 13, was followed by Harrison's "My Sweet Lord," re-released on January 14 and topped the chart on January 20.


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