Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17: Lead singer Eddie Kendricks with the Temptations, "Just My Imagination,” Get Ready," was born on this date in 1939...

... he died on October 5, 1992 from lung cancer.

Kendricks, who was born in Union Springs, Alabama, was a co-founder of the Motown hit-making vocal group, the Temptations.  His unique falsetto voice that can be heard on many of their huge hits including “Just My Imagination,” “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” and “Get Ready.” 

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Kendricks was responsible for creating most of the group's vocal arrangements, and also served as wardrobe manager, including the now famous purple suits the group wore for one performance.

He also co-wrote several Temptations songs apart from "The Girl's Alright With Me" including "Isn't She Pretty" (1961) and "Don't Send Me Away" (1967). His favorite food was cornbread, and nicknamed "Cornbread" (or "Corn" for short) by his bandmates. Kendricks’ performed with the Temptations from 1960 until 1971. 

Kendricks often found himself at odds with group members Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin. Kendricks began to rekindle his friendship with ex-Temptation David Ruffin, who convinced him to leave the group.

When he embarked on a solo career, he hit number one with “Keep On Truckin.’”  The ’70s were hit and miss as far as his career went.  After “Keep On Truckin,” he had a few minor hits.  In the 1980s Eddie performed on occasion with the Temptations.

In 1991, the same year that fellow Temptation, David Ruffin died of a drug over dose, Kendricks was diagnosed with lung cancer which later caused his death.


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