Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. 11: Moldovan singer Natalia Gordienko is 26 today.

Natalia Gordienco was born in 1987 to a family of architects in Chişinău. She attended high school through the 12th grade, majoring in mathematics, biology and chemistry. She sang in her school choir. She also graduated from her piano studies at music school and danced in the school’s dance ensemble for 10 years.
At the age of 15, she began participating in song competitions. She has won three national and six international contests.
Since 2005, Natalia Gordienco has been the singer with the band Millennium. In 2005, in the national selection for the Calea Victoriei, Millennium came third. Millennium with Natalia Gordienco were invited to participate in the Golden Stag international competition in Romania in 2005

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Akademiia razvitiia. Luchshie logicheskie igry i golovolomki ot Tiny Kandelaki


On May 20, 2006, she performed alongside Arsenium in the song Loca (Crazy) at Eurovision Song Contest 2006 for Moldova. They did not finish in the top ten.

Arsenie Todira is a Moldovan singer who was the youngest member of the former boyband O-Zone. He now pursues a solo career in Romania, under the stage name Arsenium.

Besides appearing with Natalia Gordienko at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, He took part in the Dansez Pentru Tine Dance Contest, the Romanian version of Dancing with the Stars, and took the second place, while the first was given to the Romanian singer Andra.

Natalia has already won quite a few awards:
  • National competition - The song on the national station Radio Moldova in 2003 - 2nd place
  • National competition – The Star Of Kishinev in 2003 - grand prize
  • National competition – Miss Teenager in 2004 - grand prize
  • International Festival – Rainbow Stars in Jarmala, Latvia in 2003
  • International competition – Sevastopol-Ialta in Ukraine in 2004 - 1st place
  • International competition – Delfice Games in 2004 - 1st place
  • International competition – Heart Of Two Twins in 2004 - 1st place
  • International competition – Songs Of The World in 2005 - 1st place
  • International competition – Our Native Edge in 2005 - grand prize
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2006 - 20th place
  • New Wave 2007 (Jurmala) - 1st place


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