Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7: Damian Kulash of You Tube Sensation "OK Go" is 38-years-old today.

Damian Joseph Kulash Jr., born in Washington D.C., is the lead singer and guitarist for Chicago-based rock band OK Go. OK Go is a Grammy Award–winning rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, now based in Los Angeles.

While in college at Brown University, Kulash played in at least three bands - A La Playa, Calixto Chinchile, and Square. He released three CDs in his senior year: an album of experimental Elvis covers, a five song EP from his electronic pop band Square, and "Appendices," a collection of more than a dozen miscellaneous recordings from his time in college, including solo songs, collaborations with friends, class projects, studio experiments, and recordings from previous bands. Included on "Appendices" are the original recordings of "Bye Bye Baby," which was later re-recorded for OK Go's debut record.

After graduation from Brown, Kulash moved to Chicago, and it was not until 1998 that OK Go officially formed. After playing in Chicago and appearances on NPR's This American Life, OK Go signed to Capitol Records. They have released three albums: Ok Go, Oh No, and Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

Oh No gained popularity for its first single, "A Million Ways." in 2005. The video featured the band in their back yard performing a dance choreographed by lead singer Kulash's sister, Trish Sie. By August 2006, the video had become the most downloaded music video ever with over 9 million downloads.

In July 2006, the band released a video for "Here It Goes Again" featuring an elaborately choreographed dance on treadmills, also directed and choreographed by Trish Sie. This video was viewed by over one million people on YouTube in the first six days.

As of April 2010, the original video upload for "Here It Goes Again" has been viewed over 50 million times, putting it in 42nd place for the most views of any video and 29th place for most viewed music video of all time on YouTube.

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