Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5: Dean Ford of The Marmalade - "Reflections of My Life" - is 68-years-old today.

Born Thomas McAleese in Coatbridge, Scotland, Dean Ford was the long-time lead singer for The Marmalade, a successful Scottish pop rock group, from the east end of Glasgow. In 1961 they were named "The Gaylords," then "Dean Ford and The Gaylords," In 1966, they changed the group name to "The Marmalade."

There biggest hit in the US and the UK was "Reflections of My Life" written by lead guitarist Junior Campbell and Ford in 1969. It featured a backwards guitar solo by Campbell.

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Marmalade: The Very Best of Marmalade

Reflections of My Life" has recorded over two million sales and the writers were awarded a Special Citation of Achievement in 1998 by BMI in attaining radio broadcast performances in excess of one million in the US alone. Other US and UK hits included "Rainbow" (UK #3) and "My Little One" (UK #15).

The most successful period for the band, was between 1968 and 1972. A later version of the exists to this day, with only Graham Knight remaining from the original members.


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  1. Good page you have here. I loved Marmalade! That was my favourite song of course. I like Baby Make It Soon, Can You Help Me and Dean's solo song Hey My Love.All their music is wonderful! Dean, great song writer and musician. Love him. Junior Campbell is very good too.