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September 22: "I'm too Sexy's" Richard Fairbrass is 60-years-old today.

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Richard Fairbrass was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, in England, and raised in East Grinstead, West Sussex. He is the lead vocalist of the band Right Said Fred which he formed with his brother Fred Fairbrass and Rob Manzoli in 1989.

In 1991, they released their single, "I'm Too Sexy," which was released by the Gut Reaction firm on a specially-created record label called Tug. The song, a tongue-in-cheek dance song which takes a gentle swipe at the fashion industry, became a huge hit in the United Kingdom, spending six weeks at number two and number one in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. I also was a hit in 30 other countries. Right Said Fred became the first UK artist since The Beatles to reach the #1 slot in the U.S. with a debut single.
Their second single, "Don't Talk Just Kiss," which featured background vocals by soul singer Jocelyn Brown, was released in October 1991 and made #3 at Christmas in the UK charts and #8 on the US dance chart. In February 1992, they released their third single, "Deeply Dippy." This was #1 in the UK for 3 weeks and peaked at #9 on the US dance chart. The success of the singles resulted in their Platinum debut album, Up, staying in the UK Top 40 for almost one year.


In February 1993, they contributed to the Comic Relief single, "Stick It Out," and later in the year released their second album, Sex and Travel. Their third album was called Smashing!

After failing to attract continued success in the UK, Manzoli departed the band in 1996.and Myke Gray became his replacement. They continued to record, but never attracted the same level of interest they had early on. In 2008, Right Said Fred returned to the UK to write and record their sixth album I'm a Celebrity. The title track was the first single from the album, and parodied celebrity culture.

UpI'm A CelebrityI'm Too Sexy 2007


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