Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3: George Biondo, bass player for Steppenwolf - "Born to be Wild" - is 68-years-old today.

George Michael Biondo was a member of the group from 1970-1976.Biondo, born in Brooklyn, New York, joined Steppenwolf for the recording of Steppenwolf 7, contributing lead vocals on "Fat Jack" and co-lead vocals on "Foggy Mental Breakdown" and the chart-hit, "Who Needs Ya'." (He was not a member when they recorded "Magic Carpet Ride" or "Born to be Wild.)

Steppenwolf went on hiatus in 1972, and Biondo helped form the John Kay Band, appearing on both of Kay's solo albums. (Key was the lead singer and frontman with Steppenwolf.) In 1980, Biondo re-united with Steppenwolf co-founder Jerry Edmonton in a band called Steel Rose. A Steel Rose single penned by Biondo, "Good That You're Gone," was released on Dore Records, and featured Biondo on lead vocals.

When Steel Rose disbanded in 1984 Biondo returned to writing and freelance club and session work.

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-- "Renegade"

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