Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12: Country music singer Danny Shirley of Confederate Railroad is 57 today.

The band is from Marietta (or as some say it, "May-Retta) Georgia. 
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  • (Sample lyrics)

  • "I hated like the devil,
    To tell her we were through.
    I was sure it would break her heart,
    Tear her world in two.
    She is such a fragile thing,
    Lord, I hate to make her cry,
    So I broke it to her gently,
    When I told her goodbye.
    She cussed me like a sailor,
    Kicked a hole through the kitchen wall,
    She threw a fit and threw the phone,  
    Half-way down the hall. 
    She said 'I'll be down at the bar', 
    Then I heard the front door slam (BLAM).
    I guess all in all,
    She took it like a man."

(Sample lyrics)
"I saw stars dancing on the water,  
I heard Elvis singing Blue Suede Shoes.   
That old muddy river was my witness, 
The night I fell in love with the queen of Memphis.  
I woke up the next morning a prisoner of her charms,  
She showed me things I'd never seen back there on that farm,  
She set my soul on fire, she completed all my dreams,  
A boy became a man that night in the arms of the Memphis Queen."

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