Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24: Marshall Donald Thompson, founding member of the Chi-Lites, is 71-years-old today.



The Chi-Lites are a Chicago-based soul vocal quartet from the early 1970s. They have had eleven Top Ten R&B hits.

The 'C' in the groups 'Chi-Lites' name derived from their hometown's city, Chicago.

Prior to the first incarnation Eugene Record, Clarence Johnson and Robert Lester recorded with the group The Chanteurs, who released material on the Renee Records imprint in 1959. Another band, during that period, entitled The Desidero's, featured Marshall Thompson and Creadel Jones within its ranks and that duo departed that group and joined ranks with the other trio.

The five comprised the Hi-Lites, which later became Marshall and the Chi-Lites. The “'Chi” in the group’s name pays tribute to their hometown's city, Chicago.
The group released the single "I'm So Jealous" under that new band title in 1964. By 1968, the group had been signed to the Brunswick Records imprint.
Thompson is the only remaining original member of the group after the death of Robert "Squirrel" Lester on January 22, 2010.

Thompson is both a singer and plays multiple instruments. He is also co-owner of Mar-ance Records with the late Michael Jackson's father, Joseph Jackson.

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Ultimate Chi-Lites (Bril)

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